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Artists and galleries come and go - information given is the most recent known. Making contact before visiting is recommended.


Boscastle Gallery
01840 250248
Paintings, prints and sculpture from Cornish artists, and the Westcountry's only hologram gallery!

Boscastle Pottery
01840 250291
Mochaware pottery by Roger Irving-Little and son Tom made on the premises, alongside a range from other well known West Country potters


Tintagel Pottery
01840 770310
Colourful, fun, decorative


'On the Edge', by Irene Jones

Irene Jones
07890 754586
Colourful, symbolic paintings inspired by personal observations of people, often with a wry sense of humour


'Isolation Series #24' by Bircan Kanat

Blue Wing Gallery
2 Hornabrook Place
01841 533999
Traditional and contemporary art

Middle Street Gallery
24 Middle Street
01841 532315

Padstow Contemporary Art Gallery
3a Parnell Court
01841 532242

 port isaac 

'Port Isaac bay', oil pastel by Katie Childs

Cliffside Gallery
2 The Terrace
01208 880988 or email
Cornish landscapes in pastels and prints by Katie Childs

Painting by Martyn Dempsey

Martyn Dempsey Gallery
18 New Road
01208 881032
Colourful abstracts and landscapes of Cornwall and beyond by Martyn Dempsey

Port Issac Pottery
Roscarrock Hill
01208 880625
Handthrown pottery from Barbara and Michael Hawkins, decorated with fish, flowers and scenes of Port Isaac


Porthilly Crafts
01208 863844
Pottery, paintings, jewellery, knitwear, candles, baskets, glassware, walking sticks, mirrors - 'practical' craft as well as decorative craft!

 rocky valley 

Rocky Valley Gallery

Rocky Valley Gallery
01840 779245
Paintings, sculptures, prints, cards, books, jewellery and clothing

 trebarwith strand 

Ray Bowler
01840 770174
Mixed media sculptor extraordinaire!

'From High Cliff, Autumn', oil by Dugald Stark

Dugald Stark
01840 779010
Original oils and prints of the Cornish coast and countryside


Mowhay Gallery
01208 863634
Watercolours, photography and pottery


'Earth Heart', mixed media, from 'Dearest Chi...' series of paintings and poems by Jeanne Hampshire

Jeanne Hampshire
01840 770622
Paintings, prints, poems, music and performance exploring Chi energy in the body and Nature

'Pool of light', oil by Nicholas St John Rosse

Nicholas St John Rosse
01840 770450
Captured moments of people in the landscape

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